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Life and Learning

Walking with a friend this morning this was exactly our conversation. Thanks for your post Jane Sweeney After a bum time when you wondered if you’d ever get up… you do. And then to reflect on what you learnt so you can step out, grow, now the sun is shining. Because there are up and down times. We are not fabulous all of the time.

What do I learn after a struggle?

*Stay connected with my good friends, they care

*Get sleep

*Try to be outside in nature each day if possible

*Exercise, even the tiniest bit

*Just breathe - be kind to yourself.

*Be kind to someone else once you have some energy

*Notice your thoughts like clouds floating by, no need to grab them because like clouds they’ll come into being and pass away

*Find some things every day to be grateful for

In our vulnerability is our strength and empathy.



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