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My New Years Resolution- Quit my Tsundoku Habit!

What is “tsundoku”?

…buying books and never reading them.. piling them up because they are just so interesting!

Apparently people all over the world have the common habit.

Tsundoku also implies “leaving reading materials as pile of books for now and reading later, but never reading them”.

The Japanese word "doku" can be used as a verb to mean "reading". The "tsun" in "tsundoku" originates in "tsumu" - a word meaning "to pile up".

So when put together, "tsundoku" has the meaning of buying reading material and piling it up.

If you are excited to see your books being piled up, you may be bibliomania.

Bibliomania is the title of a 19th Century novel by Thomas Frognall Dibdin which claimed to explore "book madness" - the act of being unable to stop collecting literature.

By his definition, those afflicted with bibliomania were obsessed with unique books such as first editions and illustrated copies.

But two centuries later, the term would no longer be about obsession - according to Oxford University Press, it has been shifted to "passionate enthusiasm" about collecting

So some steps to dealing with tsundoku:

  • Decide the limit for buying books like; e.g. no more than three books in a month.

  • People who tend to be engaged in tsundoku are interested in new books. You could decide the limit for buying new books in a month to grasp what is going on.

  • Stop reading anytime as finishing is not an obligation.

  • You can read any books whenever you want. It doesn’t matter no matter how many books you are reading at once.

  • Limit the amount of time for books staying on a pile.

  • If any of books have not read for three months, it may be a sign of goodbye.

  • Give them away!


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