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Coaching for skill sets for the future of work

Evidenced-based research that supports asking the question how will citizens thrive in the future of work?

Foundation skills are technical eg digital - but supporting and encouraging soft skills around cognitive development, (eg mental flexibility), interpersonal, ( eg inspiring trust, empathy), self-leadership: these support us to be resilient.

We surely need these skill sets in today’s environment and looking to the future of work.

How do we support young people to make informed choices and in so doing create career pathways that work for employee and employer? That are sustainable?

What is your business doing? I love the leadership of Andrew Gurr at #FusionNetworks who has led and is seeing the results of a successful intern programme working with schools, education and asking business to come to the table.


Demand for digital skills is high in a tech sector that is creating some 2000 jobs every year, with a median salary of $92,250. A large number of IT jobs are being advertised at all times but companies are struggling to hire and looking overseas to fill their ranks, says NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller

Investment in developing IT staff here is low. Less than 10 per cent of training budgets at large companies and government agencies are spent on digital technology skills.

Raising these questions is valid across all sectors. It begins with preparing and supporting young people to thrive in the world of work. Then it’s a win:win for them, business, communities, our economy.

Read Report: Future of work McKinsey


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