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Career LaunchPad- seeking feedback

Thanks #RaduSEUCHE for giving me a tuneup on having confidence in my own ideas and passion to use my experience / track to contribute to young people making informed choices on their career pathways.

And to get moving before my business plan is perfect because rapid prototyping is a great way to test and refine an idea.

Activating the plan and for everyone to make money, it’s useful to regard money as energy. We need heaps of energy and resilience as it’s tough right now and we’ve all been spun around into a world we hardly recognise. So how to get ignition!

Our Career LaunchPad programne is designed to provide as much information as possible to guide young people into creating an inspiring vision and the strategy to get the firepower needed for motivation and taking action on choosing a livelihood.

Our coaching supports building confidence and self-belief to define and pursue the career we dream about.

We are seeking feedback on our quest to offer coaching for young people: specifically school leavers and graduates.


#coaching #motivation #career #personalbranding #narrative #cvadvice I’d be grateful for any feedback

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