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A quick way to find your WHY - Simon Sinek

The other day I told a friend she was awesome. Then she came back and said I was an inspirational woman.. I felt emotional.. could hardly accept it, believe it, I had to wonder WHY? Try to express to myself my feelings, dare to define to myself what was inspirational about me.

watch the clip:

Thankyou #SimonSinek

A lesson in defining personal purpose, brand.

It’s very Jung - what’s out there is what’s inside you. Even if not yet expressed.

Values you like in others are in you…

When I’m working with clients on articulating their personal purpose (which gives them their narrative and authenticity) I ask - what do others say about you? And how do you describe yourself? This reminds you that you have great qualities… and gives you your What…Then as Simon says… the emotional response of Why..we go slowly to Why because it’s intimate, confronting, and immensely empowering. It’s a mutually positive recognition of each other’s value and therefore deeply motivating.


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