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My first job

Great post from Simon Sinek:

“You graduated and are now searching for your first job, all in the midst of a global pandemic.

While we can't control postgrad plans, we can control how we choose to face obstacles and uncertainty. Discovering your WHY can give you the confidence to navigate the job market with purpose, so you land a job that brings you fulfilment….” #SimonSinek

Your WHY is fundamental. Consider all your answers. Know your values. And ask what is my purpose?

Leaving Uni / Polytechnic - indeed school to begin tertiary training - is such an exciting and daunting time as you define and decide on your career journey.. apply for your first jobs.

At #CareerLaunchPad our 3 step bespoke programme combines online coaching with the LaunchPad Indicator which is our own mix of a personality, job clusters, and our organisational development assessment tool to stimulate self-awareness, self-observation and growth.

#CareerLaunchPad is leading the way in using an individually tailored and evidence-based approach to help young people to find clarity in their work and life direction.  

Get in touch for a chat as you consider your job trajectory …

I’m humbled with this review from a recent client:

“My time with Sue was invaluable and something I would highly recommend for anyone unsure of where their career is going, or looking to confirm they are on the right track. With her guidance I was able to articulate and better understand my values, and ensure they were fulfilled with each new role I looked at. I left with the skills to put together a killer CV and LinkedIn profile, and a new found confidence in the "magic" I bring to current and future work prospects. Sue is a wonderful woman who cares deeply and genuinely about helping and upskilling her clients, and ensuring they find a career or next step they are passionate about and will find both fulfilling and enjoyable. “ Jodie Auckland. August 2021


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