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Are you ready for the future workforce?

I found this study valuable with research and anecdotes from leaders providing honest reflections. Here are questions to raise especially when we are coaching young people / students, and anyone re-evaluating and making choices about their careers.

"Rethinking the Future Workforce by Mapping Future Lifestyles" by Florentina Maja Fuchs and Raphael Gielgen.

How, given trends for future jobs we can prepare to meet challenges ahead.

We see how much covid has driven workplace change, demanding ‘transformation competence ‘ and ‘resilience’ - what about digitalisation and climate change which is changing the face of work.

And lifestyle trends:

“Working 9 to 5 for just earning money is over. Work is more. Flexibility, self-determination, purpose are my drivers of daily work.”

I like the quote: ‘Employees need to feel safe, properly skilled and prepared accordingly.’

A response by Learning Experience Designer Anna Maria Dorgo Amsterdam:

Which jobs will transform or disappear?

💡 What are the future jobs that will emerge and are we prepared for them?

💡 What will be the skills in high demand?

💡 How will work look like and what shape will remote, hybrid, and job-sharing formats continue to take?

💡 What will be the impact of global trends like digitalisation and global warming on future work environments and lifestyles?

Based don't these predictions, the authors continue identifying eight future lifestyles influenced by the way we will work and live in the future. Across the board, we see a need for meaning, community, learning, impact, collaboration, and sharing.

"The future face of work will change as a result of social, technological, ecological and economic events - a high level of transformation competence and resilience will be required in the future. These might be only developed if employees feel safe, properly skilled and prepared accordingly."

❓How ready are L&D and HR to support this kind of transformation?

❓How aware are we of the skills we need to acquire first so that we can enable this change for the rest of the organisation?

My view is as coaches, employers, leaders, it’s up to us all to support, share and empower each other if we are to ensure the sort of future right now amidst high levels of uncertainty.


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