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Advice for lockdown

Great advice as we create our worlds in strict lockdown for who knows how long…

A list of actions for lockdown I was given by someone that knows and loves me:

Strongly agree on doing loads of exercise. One hard session a day (bike ride etc) and one session of yoga or stretching.

Read books.

Don’t post on the internet.

Don’t watch too much news as it’s just monotonous and depressing.

Catch up with people you wouldn’t normally both in NZ and internationally on the phone or FaceTime.

Focus on work.

What about spring cleaning that office of yours.

Likewise outside, place looks good but I’m sure some gardening wouldn’t go astray.

What about that shed outside, is it messy in there? Clear that out.

I’d stay off social media. It’s a cesspit of negativity and complainers mainly. Everyone has a view and everyone thinks they are right. ( I suspect you will find that piece of advice the most difficult one to follow 😆)

Good to keep the lockdown in perspective too, ie, look at Afghanistan right now.


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