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Six ways we can we move ahead and stay relevant

Change is inevitable. How can we embrace being disruptive of ourselves and stay relevant?

1. Change is Inevitable and Embracing Change Encourages Development

If we don’t embrace change then we can go through life without ever living up to our full potential our allowing ourselves to express who we really are. Change is an inevitable part of life and no matter how happy we are with how things are currently, life will always change. Ask yourself: “Do you want to tay relevant?” Even though we know the only thing constant is change and we understand that our environment can’t stay the same forever, we get stuck. All around us, there is change happening on a daily basis. We are forever growing, expanding, ageing and changing. So why is change sometimes scary? If we can learn to let change work for us and benefit us, even push it to be disruptive of ourselves, then we can more fully embrace the process of growth and transformation.

2. Analyse your Life and Find the Negative

Sometimes we change because we are attempting to rid negative habits or people from our lives. The sooner we become aware that change is going to happen and become open to accepting change, the better off we will be. Ask yourself: What are the positives and more importantly, what are the negatives in your life? Are there things that you recognise as unresourceful but you feel stuck in those habits or actions? Think about your life and how you are progressing. Are things moving along as you planned? Are there new factors that are influencing your journey?and transformation.

3. Be disruptive before people disrupt us

It is better to initiate changes ourselves than to let our life progress down a negative or unresourceful path until change affects us in a dramatic way. When we are consciously aware of change, it is much easier. Why not make a commitment to exploring the world and the endless possibilities that are available to each of us. We can find new opportunities, be brave and face fear. reinvent ourselves at any moment in time. Our attitude toward life is affected by our ability to embrace change. If change happens to us, rather than adopting the belief that we can influence that change, we are much more likely to feel like victims. The results we get are 100% our responsibility in that nobody can create results for us. Therefore embracing change and knowing where we are going and what we are setting out to accomplish will give us strong motivation.

4. Everyone has doubt, fear and uncertainty

Everyone has fears and insecurities that stop us from doing taking responsibility for our lives. This doubt and uncertainty is a fact. Better to learn to embrace it. Learning to take action whatever the circumstances and even as we say – “fake it until you make it” – surely this is a much more positive and proactive way.

5. Take charge of your life – don’t be a victim

If we feel sorry for ourselves then this will lead us down a negative path and in to unresourceful states. Stay focused and set goals that have some stretch in them. As you set your goals, you will learn that embracing change becomes easier and easier. Wherever you are in life, value the journey more than the destination. It takes time to accomplish anything worth achieving and we have to remember that it is a miracle we are here to begin with and every second must be appreciated.

6. Take small action steps You don’t have to change your whole world overnight. Try beginning with an end goal for changes you want to make in your life. Work backward and break your goal into small action steps until you can get to the very first one in the path. This is usually something that you can control or do yourself. Once you accomplish that milestone, then you can tackle another. These small steps make it much easier to disrupt what you always do, and take some new steps forward.


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